Giveaway time! ^_^ I’ve been meaning to do this for quite some time! <3

Here’s your chance to have your pet or any other animal of your choice as one of a kind figurine! Entirely handmade with super sculpey and painted with acrylics. Finally, the piece is sealed with a varnish for protection.

Two winners will be selected: one on Tumblr and the other on Facebook. They’ll be drawn by using a number generator. ^^

Giveaway ends october 1st!

Good luck everyonnnnne! <3

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Ahh so excited for this show! I really hope my (Floridian) followers are coming, I’d love to meet more of you! Plus we are going to have so many animals with us and it’s just going to be fun.

Hope to see/meet some of you there!

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Went to McDonald’s so I could experience this piece of shit.

great responsibility comes power with great?
great comes with responsibility power great?

imagine how is touch the spiderman

interstellardragon guess what graced my dash again

OH GOD I was looking for this recently


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Hand shake


my favorite thing is when couples put their hands on their partners neck to hold them closer and they just put their foreheads together and smile cause they’re just so happy and satisfied being near that person


I didn’t post this one from the outside pics but here’s a full body shot so you can see all of her funky pattern bits


if i ever suddenly reblog a massive amount of posts from you:

I’m sorry, I’m on mobile, and i forgot that your blog is not my dash

I’ve added ‘mercury’ to the list of words I can’t pronounce correctly

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