Firetail Friesians, their tail and mane color are caused by sun bleaching. 


Have you ever seen something completely baffling but also technically excellent? I can’t believe how well this person edited Jane into Treasure Planet so she and Captain Amelia could fight the bad guy from Osmosis Jones. “Man,” I say to myself, “I could never make this bizarre music video about beloved animated characters becoming ghosts.”



I think Punkin booped me



I heard a noise and started going downstairs, looking on the floor with my phone’s flashlight, and when I shined it towards my dog, who’s in the corner, and he suddenly stands up and growls really low at me so I turn around and hightail it back to the room

12:30 and there’s a writing assignment I can do? Time to write about MURDER

I’m reeeaaaally not liking Eco Earth as a substrate for Bella because she likes to be in her water fish, and when that happens, all of the water overflows into the stuff and it gets super soggy. I tried filling up the bowl less but it still happened, and then I have her a smaller water dish and the humidity went down. Plus, it gets everywhere and it sticks all over her.
So I’ll give her a bigger water dish again and I’ll put some moss in her hide to keep it humid, and I’ll put down paper towels and see how it works.

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Heather Theurer

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